Individualised medicine...

Naturopathy is a healing modality that seeks the underlying or 'root' cause of illness and disease. It is only by establishing this cause that the illness can be appropriately targeted and resolved. Rather than suppress and hide symptoms, Naturopathy focuses on guiding the body to restore its natural balance. Each and every body is unique, with a multitude of environmental and biological factors affecting its function. The role of the  Naturopath is to unspin this complex web and identify the most appropriate treatment on an individual level. 

What to expect from the Initial Consultation:

+ Initial consultations generally take 60-75 minutes. A standard return consultation is 60 minutes, with a short return option of 45 minutes. Quick Fix consults are 25 minutes and limited to coughs, colds, mild sleep concerns & mild skin complaints.

+ I take a thorough case history to gain an understanding of your overall health. I may ask about childhood illness, your medical history, your digestion, sleep, energy, diet, menstrual cycle, mental health, and family history.

+ I may ask to see any recent tests or bloodwork you have had done. If you have any recent tests (in the last 12 months) please bring them to the consultation.

+ I might ask to perform some physical examinations such as tongue, iris, nail analysis, blood pressure checks and the like.

+ A holistic treatment plan will be written for you which may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, referrals for testing (if required) and a prescription of herbal and/or nutritional medicine.

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+ Herbal Medicine

+ Functional Nutrition

+ Vibrational Remedies

+ Nature Therapy

+ Testing


Initial consultation: $135

Standard return consultation $110

Short return consultation $90

Quick Fix Consult $40