Solar Powered Tea

Ever wanted to just drink in the therapeutic rays of sun of a long lazy summer afternoons? The sun and its warmth is vital for the natural cycles of nature - both in regards to the seasons and the perpetual growth undertaken by all living things. So how can we harness a little extra sun energy for ourselves? I love working with the sun to create solar infusions. I choose a herbal blend and the sun does the rest! When exposed to sunshine, the herbs slowly release their medicinal properties into the water. These two elements which co-created the plant itself, coming together to produce a herby elixir! Although not an instant cup of tea, solar infusions are a wonderful example of letting nature take its course. This method of a long infusion is particularly gentle - there is no boiling water that might damage the fragile plant material. The extended extraction time allows some of the more subtle vitamins and minerals in the herbs to be released. Filtered water and a sunny windowledge or outdoor spot is a must!

Any organic dried herbs of your choice can be used to blend a solar infusion ~ however with the warmer months upon us, an energetically cooling mix will be super refreshing!

Solar Powered Tea Recipe ~

1 part Lemonbalm (Melissa officinalis) leaves

1 part Hibiscus* flowers / Can be subsituted with Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) flowers

2 parts Peppermint (Mentha piperita) leaves

Get yourself a large jar (1L for example) and add a large handful of Peppermint leaves, a medium handful of Lemonbalm leaves, and a small handful of Hibiscus leaves or Lavender flowers. Top the jar up with clean filtered water and put on the lid. Pick a sunny spot and leave your herbs to infuse for the afternoon until dusk. Collect your infusion in the evening ~ If you like, you can stir in a dash of local honey or even add some slices of fresh citrus fruits before placing your infusion in the fridge over night. Sip away at your Solar Powered Tea all through the next long summer’s day!

** Hibiscus is a fabulous summer addition to your tea stash as its bright colour brings potent antioxidants that reduce inflammation to cool you down from the inside out.

Alexandra McPhee