Magnesium – My Secret Weapon

I know you’ve probably heard this before, but Magnesium is the bomb! Magnesium is a mineral that is required for over 300 physiological cellular functions including (but not limited to) energy production, blood sugar regulation, the production of calming neurotransmitters, sleep, muscle contractions and muscle recovery. Our body’s demand for magnesium is even higher when we are under stress or just going about our daily modern lives!

You may be thinking that given Magnesium is found in chocolate and other foods like nuts, seeds, grains and green vegetables, that you are getting enough through your diet! Unfortunately, our soil here in Australia is rather depleted and just doesn’t contain enough Magnesium to meet our high needs. As well, even if you are consuming these foods every day, its unlikely that you are getting the volume of Magnesium required to meet the recommended daily intake, let alone get a therapeutic dose.

Some indications that you may need more Magnesium:

-          You have trouble falling asleep at night and wake up feeling physically or mentally fatigued

-          You feel overwhelmed and anxious or depressed

-          You feel uncomfortable in crowds

-          You crave chocolate

-          You get muscle aches or muscle tension

-          You experience PMS and/or period pain

There are so many over the counter Magnesium supplements out there -  how do you choose?

I will always recommend to my clients that they invest in a high quality, practitioner-only Magnesium supplement, simply because they really are better. They are manufactured to a high standard, not packed with artificial fillers, contain an effective dose and have been stored correctly. There are multiple forms of Magnesium available as well – with citrate being highly absorbable, orotate more specific to cardiovascular health and so on. You will get better results working with a Naturopath or Nutritionist to choose the best Magnesium for your needs. A standard therapeutic dose can be upwards of 300mg per day! If you’re already taking Magnesium and haven’t noticed any improvements within a week or two, you aren’t taking the right one for you. Book a Quick Fix appointment and we can assess your magnesium requirements and select the right form for your needs.

What about Magnesium salt baths?

Magnesium is an intra-cellular mineral which means it has to find its way into each cell in order to be used by the cell. Our skin is able to absorb Magnesium, but not in the quantity needed to have a systemic effect. Topical Magnesium in the form of a salt bath or oil can be wonderful for local application to relieve sore muscles after sport. You will get an even better result if you are taking Magnesium orally as well!

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not designed to diagnose or treat any specific health conditions. It is always best to visit a professional to specifically address your mental or physical health.



Alexandra McPhee