Ever get the urge to just cut off all your hair and start again? Quit your job via text message and move to the Caribbean? Yeah me neither.

Wanting a clean slate to start afresh can be particularly tempting after a long winter of neglecting the gym membership, hearty meals, Netflix nights on the couch, the boozy Euro trip or just feeling an overall sense of stagnation. Clearing out the cobwebs and giving your body a tune up can help hit the reset button!

The Holistic Detox is a 3 week program personalised to you and guided by me!

Week One - Pre-Tox

Week Two & Three - Active Detox & Post-Tox

What’s included?

Holistic Detox Guide - 20 page comprehensive guide to your energetic, environmental, physical and mental detox.

Holistic Detox Guide - 20 page comprehensive guide to your energetic, environmental, physical and mental detox.

  • A 1 hour Naturopathic Consultation to assess your individual detox requirements

  • Two weeks worth of supportive nutritional and herbal supplementation tailored to you

  • Comprehensive detox guide which includes energetic, mental and environmental detox measures

  • Detox Meal suggestions and recipes

  • A 15 minute support call to address any queries during the program

  • Optional add ons: Detox Tea, Magnesium salts, Herbal Tincture, Medicinal Mushrooms (not included in cost of program)

  • 10% off your next Naturopathic Consultation

What’s the investment?

  • Initial Consultation worth $135

  • Supplementation worth $160

  • Detox Guide & Recipes worth $25

  • 15 minute support call worth $35

Total value of over $355.00


Saving of $56.00!

Who can do the detox? The Holistic Detox is suitable for generally well people wanting to optimise health. It is also suitable for those experiencing mild to moderate health conditions and the Initial Consultation will be used to assess how suitable the detox will be for you as an individual. The detox is not suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding women. If it is determined in the Initial Consultation that the Holistic Detox is not suitable for you at this time, only the Initial Consult will be charged ($135). In the event of this, you will still recieve support and advice regarding your health.

To purchase the Holistic Detox:

Simply book an Initial Consultation via the Bookings page. You will recieve a booking email with an Intake form attached. Mention in the form that you are interested in undertaking the Holistic Detox. The cost of the detox ($299) will be charged at the Initial Consultation.